Saturday, 12 October 2013

Upcyle: Magazine Jar

Hello there!

I hope you are having an amazing week. On my side, I ordered some lovely plastic hairbands from Ebay and the good news is that they arrived two weeks early! As you know from experience, hairbands and bobby pins love running away. To keep them safe, I am reusing a glass jar that used to have yummy onion relish. I am quite excited to show you how I redesigned their new house!

I first washed the jar then let it soak in soap water overnight to get rid of any food smell.

Let's begin! You will need:

The jar
Lovely magazine cutouts (large enough to cover the lid, obviously :D)
Mod Podge (I have the 'gloss' version)
A sponge or a paintbrush
A pencil or an embossing pen (I created one using an old pen and a sewing pin with a 'ball' head. Simply remove the ink tube, push the pin inside the writing side of the pen and voilĂ !)

Firstly, place the lid on top of the image to draw its shape with a pencil/embossing pen. I preferred the embossing pen because it is simply invisible. If you use a pencil, make sure you are only slightly marking the paper.

When you're done marking the shape of the lid, proceed to the cutting of the image LEAVING A GAP OF 2CM around the lid, the gap will later be folder inside the lid.

Stick the paper to the lid using Mod Podge and make sure that the edge of the paper is even on every side of the lid. Cut 1cm sized petals around the lid with the scissors.

Apply Mod Podge evenly on the petals and on the inside edge of the lid. Fold each petal inside.

When the lid is dry, apply a layer of Mod Podge all over the paper to protect it.

 And you're done!

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