Sunday, 8 September 2013

G'Day !


My name is Letitia but my friends call me Lettuce and my closest friends call me..

Let's just say something that rhymes with 'biscuits'.

I live in Australia with my family, lots of Rainbow Lorikeets, Kookaburras, Green Tree Snakes and Kangaroos.

(The wildlife mentioned above are only visitors, don't worry.)

After almost failing Home Economics in high school (at thirteen, I felt trapped), I enjoy cooking and sewing today more than ever. I guess it is because it is not such a chore anymore and I don't have to be marked for the works that I do. A long time has passed since those days!

I graduated this year from university with a Bachelor in New Media Arts majoring in Design. During that time, I studied photography and music, which I still enjoy very much. I love everything handmade and appreciate antiques and vintage objects.

"Buying everything in the twenty-first century, is too mainstream."

We live in a time where a person can buy almost anything he or she can think of(even things we don't even know existed). It is easy to buy anything and for cheap as well. Maybe we don't have time to make our own, or maybe we are just too lazy to do so. We become wasteful and we live in abundance without appreciating the comfort that we live in. I am trying to move away from this lifestyle.

I had never noticed how wasteful I was before I met my now fiancĂ©, Aaron. It took me some time to change those habits and I am not 100% hippie (yet) but I am different. I have become more conscious; even if I would buy that cute top in the shop window. By using recycled items for your creations, you are saving the environment from your packaging, plastic bags and just plain rubbish, which would come with the one item that you just bought. 

You cannot buy the feeling of satisfaction and pride that you get from creating your own work.

This is what this blog is about. Becoming autonomous, environment-friendly and a person who is awake and living. I found greater happiness by removing the clutter and focusing on living simply. 

Caring about the world, is caring about you :)


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