Saturday, 28 September 2013

Aztec Notebook

Hello guys!

I hope you had a creative week. I was trying to think of ideas I could share with you on the blog and realised that I should really note them down in a notebook. Luckily, my dad has a stash of them, so I stole one from him. Thanks dad!

As you will find, it is very 'manly'. It is just a plain silver notebook and it lacks a girly touch! For a while now, I wanted to make a paper cut out, the kind that goes back to the kindergarten days in art class. Together with the notebook, the cut out gives it a nice Aztec style. Let's get to work!

 Things that you need:

A notebook

Coloured paper
A sharp craft knife
Craft glue
A circle compass
A ruler
A mechanical pencil
Invisible tape
A thick cardboard to cut on (I used the back of a sketch pad) or A healing mat

 Firstly, cut your piece of paper into a square.

Secondly, cut out the circle that was drawn using the circle compass.

After folding the circle in four, create a scallop edge with the scissors. Of course you have the freedom to do any design you like. I also cut out a circle for the middle of the circle.

Using invisible tape, stick the paper to the background as you will use the craft knife to cut out shapes. I honestly randomly made shapes in it, I folded the paper a few times too to cut it with scissors. Get creative!

This is what it should look like when open! At this stage, you could use the cut out for anything you like.

Apply craft glue all over the circle, making sure that you don't tear the fragile paper cut out. Don't apply too much so as to not dampen the paper.

There you go, you're all done! It brings back good ol' kindergarten memories, not that I remember much..

You could frame the cut out that you've made and display it on your wall! How will you use it? Let me know in the comments!

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Saturday, 21 September 2013

DIY Bobby Pins


This week, we will upcycle our average-looking bobby pins, into pretty and girly ones. Hopefully, you still have some at hand. Otherwise check under the bed or inside your handbags, where they usually like to hide.

[Title Font: Coconut point from here.]

You will need:
Bobby Pins!
A piece of stock paper/cardboard
Nail Polish (as many colours as you like)
Craft Glue
Felt Scrap [A rectangle of about 2.5cm x 3cm]
A sewing needle
Black thread 

No. 1 The Nail Polish Bobby Pin

Simply place your bobby pins on the piece of paper/cardboard so as to hold the pins still and to protect your table from getting nail polish graffiti. This is the easy part, create any designs that you like, with any colour you want! The hard part is waiting for them to dry before using them. :p

No. 2 The Bead Bobby Pin

You will need:
A bobby pin
A bead
A sewing needle
Black thread

Basic sewing skills are fine for this task. Use double thread for the bead to hold on strong on the bobby pin. The first step is to tie two knots on the pin placing them at the top of the bobby pin.

Pass the thread through the bead and make sure that you are working on the top part of the bobby pin. Tighten the bead to the pin and tie a knot on the bobby pin to secure the bead.

You now need to make sure that the bead won't move around on the bobby pin. Pass the needle through the other side of the bead, then secure with a knot. You will find that a horizontal thread has formed underneath the bead.

Secure the thread by passing the needle through it and keep making knots until you have completed the rounds. When you notice that the bead is tight, you are almost done. 

Finish off by randomly passing the needle through the knots to make sure that the thread will not get undone. Cut the thread off cleanly.

No. 3 The Felt Bow Bobby Pin

You will need:
Felt scrap
A sewing needle
Black thread
Craft glue

Cut a thin strip off the felt scrap, which will go in the middle of the bow later. Fold the larger strip three times and sew the middle to tighten the folds to form a bow. Make sure the thread is securely attached and cut the loose threads off.

Fold the thin strip over the bow and using craft glue, close the strip off. If it is not doing the job, lightly sew the strip. Cut off any extra pieces of thread and felt.

You can choose to leave the pointy bow as it is or create a rounded bow like me. For this part, use the same technique explained for The Bead Bobby Pin tutorial to sew the bow to the bobby pin.

Do get creative and use whichever cute and decorative things you can find around the house to decorate your bobby pins. I'm sure just like me, you still keep that pretty button or that broken earring that you just cannot throw away. Why not use it on a bobby pin? I would love to hear how you went in the comments!

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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Handmade Paper Rose

Hey guys.

I hope that you had a great week. On my side, I am always in the process of updating the look of my room. I realised that my walls lacked colour and came up with the idea of a flower garland! This week, I want to show you how to make this (extremely easy) paper rose.

You will need:
1 A4 paper (choose any colour)
1 pair of scissors
1 pencil
1 craft glue

First, you will cut your A4 paper into a square.

Use your pencil to mark the decorative spiral on your paper. As you can see in the photo below, I left a small space in the middle. This part will be glued to the bottom of my flower when I'm done. Don't worry, this will make sense soon.

Start cutting the spiral with your scissors. You do not have to follow the lines exactly but make sure that you are creating your 'petals' beautifully.

As shown in the photo, I stopped cutting the paper leaving the space for it to be glued later on

Cut off the straight part of the decorative spiral.

This is what it should look like all cut up!

Starting with the outer part of the spiral, curve the paper inwards to create the bud of the flower. Hold it together using craft glue.

Depending on the flower size that you want, keep curving the 'petals' inwards, making sure that you add a dab of glue once in a while to keep the flower together. 

Add glue to the bottom of the flower and close it off.

You now have a beautiful paper rose.

The previous ones I made were used in the flower garland and I gave this one to my love. How will you use the handmade paper rose? Let me know in your comments!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

G'Day !


My name is Letitia but my friends call me Lettuce and my closest friends call me..

Let's just say something that rhymes with 'biscuits'.

I live in Australia with my family, lots of Rainbow Lorikeets, Kookaburras, Green Tree Snakes and Kangaroos.

(The wildlife mentioned above are only visitors, don't worry.)

After almost failing Home Economics in high school (at thirteen, I felt trapped), I enjoy cooking and sewing today more than ever. I guess it is because it is not such a chore anymore and I don't have to be marked for the works that I do. A long time has passed since those days!

I graduated this year from university with a Bachelor in New Media Arts majoring in Design. During that time, I studied photography and music, which I still enjoy very much. I love everything handmade and appreciate antiques and vintage objects.

"Buying everything in the twenty-first century, is too mainstream."

We live in a time where a person can buy almost anything he or she can think of(even things we don't even know existed). It is easy to buy anything and for cheap as well. Maybe we don't have time to make our own, or maybe we are just too lazy to do so. We become wasteful and we live in abundance without appreciating the comfort that we live in. I am trying to move away from this lifestyle.

I had never noticed how wasteful I was before I met my now fiancé, Aaron. It took me some time to change those habits and I am not 100% hippie (yet) but I am different. I have become more conscious; even if I would buy that cute top in the shop window. By using recycled items for your creations, you are saving the environment from your packaging, plastic bags and just plain rubbish, which would come with the one item that you just bought. 

You cannot buy the feeling of satisfaction and pride that you get from creating your own work.

This is what this blog is about. Becoming autonomous, environment-friendly and a person who is awake and living. I found greater happiness by removing the clutter and focusing on living simply. 

Caring about the world, is caring about you :)